the other half

today the concept of “when is it enough” came up in discussion. when is it time to say that something needs change, our peers, friends, family or even ourselves. when is it time to cut the bullshit and say that we need to change our approch to a situation and adjust it to fit the world around us. or when is it time to accept the fact that there are something ls you cant change. your alcholic father wont stop abusing you, or your family threating to kill you if you dont stop with this nonsense about liking other boys when youre a boy too. when is it time to say that youve have enough of this nonsense and that you need yo cut people and extra things out of your life. and for me there is no time to stop people so easily end things or break things off bc for years theyve been trying to change something that wont budge. we have to be able to stand firm in what we belive and how we think and we feel bc in my eyes 30 years of bad years and one year is so much better than 1 year of bad and an eternity of time where we pretend that the years that were calling the “good ones” are actually the ones we live in regret.
stand firm in what you belive bc no matter where your from or where you are youre an equal and to habe a voice isnt a privledge, its a right.

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